Google Wallet PIN Warning to rooted phone users

We have a warning today for people who user a rooted phone and who use Google Wallet, as apparently there is a vulnerability with Google Wallet PINs that if a simple .apk is installed on your rooted handset it can access your Google Wallet PIN info, and we have video evidence of that in action for your viewing consideration below.

According to the guys over at Droid-life, malware analytics group zVelo discovered the Google Wallet PIN vulnerability that opens up you Google Wallet application to intruders if you happen to lose your device or it is stolen.

Although the chances of your device falling into the wrong hands are somewhat on the low side, it is best to be aware of the vulnerability. ZVelo reported the Google Wallet PIN vulnerability to the Google guys before releasing their report, and apparently the vulnerability has been confirmed and has apparently come up with a fix by moving PIN verification into the secure element of the handset’s NFC chip.

For those that are into all the tech jargon and wish to read the report in its entirety you can do so by hitting up the zVelo website, and of course you can head on down below and mash that play button to check out a demo of the Google Wallet Pin exposure vulnerability.

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