Android Temple Run waiting agony & fake scams

This one is going to be slightly annoying and the waiting agony will have to get longer for the Android Temple Run game, the popular Temple Run for iOS is definitely coming to Android but not today. We have said a number of times that it was likely to be release today, but these rumours we believed to be correct by a source as not come true.

We visited the official Temple Run Facebook page only to learn that it will not be releasing, the new update on the FB page mentions that Temple Run for Android has had a massive response and lots of questions are being asked. They say that they are working very hard indeed but do not have an exact release date yet, it is the companies first Android release and would like to get everything right.

They also mention that if you see anything to do with Android apps claiming to be Temple Run is a SCAM. We decided to look into this a little further to see what scams and fakes are out there so you do not get fooled.

Interestingly enough Trend Micro has found a scam application that we want to warn you about, the apparent Temple Run app once installed and then run will create a shortcut on an infected smartphone’s homepage, ouch is the word here. If your Android device has Facebook installed it will ask you to share the app that is fake before you can play it, it also prompts users to rate the app as well in the Android Market. Luckily enough this app has been removed from the Market, but there are a few other apps out there trying their hardest with the Temple Run or similar name.

Now we are not sure where these developers are coming from, but take this Android app for example with the name “Temple Runner”, talk about close to home with its description saying Run from dangerous monkeys and stars and kill them with your guns. See this app here; it is NOT the official Temple Run game. They do say that this app is not officially endorsed by Temple Run. We are not affiliated with Temple Run in any way

There are other names such as “Temple Ran”, which is a totally different game, but anything with Temple Run/Runner/Ran in it rings more alarming bells.

We will most definitely keep you posted on the OFFICIAL Android Temple Run app release date.


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