Apple slapped by Amazon in latest Kindle Fire ad

We are used to seeing old Samsung give Apple a bit of a slap in Sammy’s smartphone adverts; however it appears that Amazon isn’t against putting the boot into Apple given the opportunity either, as the latest Amazon Kindle Fire commercial give old Apple a bit of a slap in the face over the price of the Apple iPad 2.

Of course we have that latest Amazon Kindle Fire commercial for your viewing consideration below courtesy of the guys over at Network World, and in the video Amazon takes a nice swipe at Apple by saying you can get 3 Kindle tablets for the price of one iOS slate.

The commercial kicks off with some guy walking round on a beach trying to view his Apple iPad 2 in sunlight but appears to be having a bit of a problem, and comes across a woman using the new Kindle who says it’s the best way to read, to which the guy replies if you want to watch movies or surf the web you need an iPad.

In response the woman replies she has Kindle Fire for that and the guys say three Kindles that’s got to be expensive and the response if together the three Kindles are still less than that, meaning the Apple iPad 2.

Have to say it’s quite a nice slap at Apple and their pricing of their gear, and well if you can get 3 Kindle devices for the price of one Apple iPad seems like affair deal to me, although I figure the iOS faithful out there would disagree.

Anyway head on down and mash that play button to check out the latest Amazon Kindle and Kindle Fire commercial…enjoy.

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