iPad 3 apps and ads demo selection underway for launch

Obviously the next big deal from the Apple camp will be the third generation iOS tablet the Apple iPad 3, which rumour has it is expected to launch in the first week of next month, and apparently Apple is now completing their preparation for that launch by selecting Apple iPad 3 apps to demo on stage along with commercials.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear, the guys over at The Next Web have heard from sources “with knowledge of the matter” who say that Apple is now in “crunch mode” and thus lining up apps to demo on stage and in commercials for the iPad 3.

Apple is well known for spending time to prepare for a launch of a new product, selecting choice apps that they believe will successfully show off the new hardware during a presentation as seen with the Apple iPad 2 when Apple used Garage Band, Photo Booth and iMovie apps.

According to The Next Web guys, Apple spends their pre-event weeks soliciting demos form a variety of app developers and preparing the chosen apps for demonstration at the launch event, and they say their sources state that Apple is continuing the selection process at an increased rate.

So if true and all things being equal, it would appear that Apple is gearing up to deliver the next generation iOS slate in the first week of March, of course as with all things Apple this is still rumour and nothing has been confirmed. Are you looking forward to the Apple iPad 3 finally coming out to play?

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