Mass Effect Infiltrator release, why iOS & not Android?

Mass Effect Infiltrator for iOS is coming soon according to EA, get your Galactic Readiness on, but no release date has been announced, but it is good news for Mass Effect fans that owns an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Time to get your gun into action and fire into another Galaxy.

Players will be able to take the galactic war in Mass Effect 3 whilst on the move with Infiltrator, on their iOS devices. This will be a great third-person shooter, and the graphics will be shown off thanks to the Retina display and HD quality.

This is exciting, and with brilliant weapons and powers via the Mass Effect series will be worth according to Shack News via a PR pamphlet acquired at an EA event.

The new game has been developed with the deep and immersive Mass Effect 3 universe according to the source above, Mass Effect Infiltrator for iOS will allow players help free prisoners from a hostile Cerberus base, in return for this they will get rewards for collect evidence of Cerberus’ crimes along the way. In doing so players will increase the Galactic Readiness rating directly through the Galaxy at War system in Mass Effect 3. The iOS game will also unlock exclusive weapons for the use in the main game.

So now that we know Mass Effect Infiltrator is coming soon for iOS, what about Android then? Many Android gamers will want to know if they will be getting this new game, there has been no mention of a release, but we have high hopes it will come soon.

We wanted to see if we could find out more news about this, and in doing so we came across Cinema Blend, if you head on over there you will see a few screenshots of Mass Effect Infiltrator. Please do let us know what you think of this game, and would you like it to release on the Android OS?


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect Infiltrator release, why iOS & not Android?”

  1. Pmperry says:

    Sure, Android is as capable as iOS and many phones / tablets have shown they can run games of this caliber so, I don’t think this will be that much of an issue.

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