HP Android & iOS apps to control and configure servers

Word is at some point in the future HP is to release mobile apps for both Android and IOS that enables system admins to remote control and configure servers, and said smartphone and tablet apps will not only deliver info on server health but also enable system administrators to remotely manage or shut down servers.

According to an article over on IT World, the announcement of the HP Android and iOS apps was delivered by the director of modular systems production marketing for HP, John Gromala in an interview at the HP Global Partners Conference in Las Vegas.

Apparently system administrators can also use the app to login to management subsystems to quickly spot server issues and address them rather than having to log into management consoles at data centres.

These new mobile apps will take advantage of HP’s Gen8 servers that feature tight integration of software and hardware to provide better performance per watt whilst reducing electricity and maintenance costs at data centres.

A separate app will enable admins to run scripts to help configure apps on servers, with the scripts being easily cut and pasted, administrators will also be able to use the HP mobile app to check on the location of a server in a data centre and help locate specific server problems.

Apparently this service will be provided either directly by HP or by their partners for those customers that opt in to receive data; however HP hasn’t yet stated just when the new mobile apps will become available.

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