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As the whole world knows the other day was a sad day for music lovers, a day when the great songstress, Whitney Houston passed away. Whitney passed away at the age of 48 in the bathtub at the Beverley Hilton hotel, word has it that the cause of her demise was due to prescription drugs mixed with alcohol.

Many of Whitney’s fans will morn her passing, however the singing legend will always be remembered, and those that own a mobile phone or tablet can always watch her videos, and listen to her music via their mobile device.

So we thought we’d bring you our top five Whitney Houston Android mobile apps so you can download them and continue to listen to the music legend. So here is out top 5 Whitney Houston apps for Android…

First off we have the Whitney Houston — Forever app for Android, a Whitney Houston tribute application that delivers all of Whitney Houston’s videos along with the singer’s song lyrics, pictures of the Diva herself, and much more.

For those that would like to download the Whitney Houston — Forever app to their chosen Android device you can do so for free by hitting up the Android Market.

Next we have an app simply called Whitney Houston, an app that is said to deliver all the best from Whitney Houston including songs, videos, lyrics, fan art and more.

The Whitney Houston app can be downloaded to your Android device running Android 2.1 or above from the Android Market at a cost of £0.90

Then we have the Whitney Houston Wallpaper app, which delivers pictures of the legendary singer so you can have her as your smartphone or tablet wallpaper, simply select the image you desire as your wallpaper and hit the button.

The Whitney Houston Wallpaper app is an fan app and not an official app but if you wish to download the app to your device you can grab it from the Android Market as a free download and have Whitney sitting on your screen.

Another app called just Whitney Houston delivers the ability to have a slideshow of Whitney pictures by way of live wallpaper, and the live wallpaper will rotate images of Whitney on your device every five minutes.

Again those that wish to have the Whitney Houston live wallpaper on their Android device you can download the app from the Android Market at a cost of just £0.95.

Lastly we have the Whitney Houston Videos app, an app that basically does what its meant to do and that is deliver numerous videos of the singer performing her unforgettable songs, although the app is ad supported.

If you love watching videos of Whitney whilst on the go you can snap up the Whitney Houston Videos app for free by hitting up the Android Market.

No doubt there are many more Whitney Houston apps out there, but this is our top five choice, but if you use a Whitney Houston Android app that you feel is better then please feel free to share it in our comments area below.

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