Tesla Model X vehicle packing 17-inch tablet

These days smartphones have in part become part of the driving experience whereby you can use your smartphone to control certain aspects of a vehicle along with listening to your favourite radio station or tunes, and now it appears the tablet is also making moved into vehicles, and we have one such tablet albeit quite a large one for your consideration today.

According to an article over on Tablet News, the Tesla Model X car now comes with a massive 17-inch touch screen tablet, which apparently can control just about everything including navigation, Internet, radio, and also will integrate with Android and iPhone.

Apparently the screen on the 17-inch slate delivers a better image than a Macbook Pro, and also supports 3rd party applications and the company has promised to keep up with modern tech and software.

However, the Model X with that incorporated 17-inch tablet does come at a hefty price, and will hit your bank account for a large $50,000 with US government subsidies, but if you have 50k to spare you can pre-order the vehicle as of right now.

Don’t expect to receive your tablet toting Tesla Model X anytime soon though as the first deliveries are expected sometime late 2013 to early 2014.

We have a quick presentation video showing the 17-inch touch screen tablet working inside a vehicle’s dashboard for your viewing consideration below so head on down and mash that play button. The only issue I personally have with tablets in cars is perhaps they would be a bit of a distraction when driving, as everyone knows you need to concentrate on the road and not on the tablet.

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3 thoughts on “Tesla Model X vehicle packing 17-inch tablet”

  1. millgate says:

    I take it that this car has ‘PIM’ – Predictive Impact Management on it – to avoid damages from the inattention of a driver. Alternatively, ‘PIM’ – Preventive Incursion Management – to stop an envious thief from getting in and away with the whole shooting match !! 

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