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Well that day of the year especially for romantics has finally arrived, Valentine’s Day, a day when most turn their thoughts to romance and give cards and gifts in appreciation of their loved one or ones or suffer the consequences if by chance you have forgotten.

Some years back when you sent your Valentine a card it used to be on an anonymous basis, whereby the recipient would have to guess who their admirer was, but these days Valentine’s Day has become much more commercialised, and a big money maker for the card, gift, and flowers industries.

Nowadays when Valentines Day comes along you are faced with an avalanche of options in the romantic cards department, candy, teddy bears, but of course the one thing that has remained consistent is the red rose, one of the symbols of romance and love.

According to Wikipedia, romance was first associated with Valentine’s Day way back in the 14th Century when poet Geoffrey Chaucer penned Parlement of Foules, in honour of the first anniversary of the engagement of King Richard II to Anna of Bohemia.

But enough of the Valentine’s Day history lesson; today is the day of love, and with that in mind we here at Phones Review thought it would be a nice idea to have a post where our romantic readers out there could write a love message to the one that makes their heart flutter, and so here it is.

What we would like our love struck readers to do is post a message of love this Valentine’s Day to their loved one to our comments area below, and then they can text their darlings with a link to Phones Review letting them know they have left a loving message for them on this site. So get to posting your Valentine’s Day love message below.

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