Nokia 302 leak going back to ugly

There’s a new smartphone coming out of the Nokia camp known as the Nokia 302 and a few pictures reportedly of the new Nokia 302 handset have now been leaked to the net waves, although not a great deal of information can be gleaned from the Nokia 302 pictures with the exception of some small detail.

According to the guys over at GSMArena the Nokia 302 images were leaked by Chinese website Tenaa.com, and from said images we can tell hat the Nokia 302 handset will come packing a 3.2 megapixel camera.

Other details are somewhat scarce but the guys do say that the Nokia 302 has some sort of slot on its left side, but it isn’t clear whether that slot is a microSD or perhaps a SIM slot or even something else as the pictures aren’t that clear.

As for just when the Nokia faithful can expect to see the Nokia 302 come out to play and how much the device will hit their pocket for or even if the handset is worth the attention isn’t known just yet.

One does have to say though, judging from the pictures, Nokia seems to be heading back towards the days of ugly phones, especially as you would be hard pressed to call the design of the Nokia 302 sexy in any way shape or form.

Besides, is there any real reason to release this kind of backdated, not too appealing mobile phone when you consider there is the Nokia Lumia range? Although no doubt if Nokia decide to deliver the Nokia 302 in any other colour than bland perhaps someone will actually like it.

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