Unlock AT&T iPhone 4S with new GPP SIM

News today is that a GPP SIM tool is available that will unlock the Apple iPhone 4S on AT&T. Many people who purchased their iPhone 4S through this giant US carrier will no doubt be pleased to hear that they will now be easily able to unlock their devices.

The GPP SIM tool will unlock the AT&T iPhone 4S and also the iPhone 4S on Japan’s KDDI and Softbank. It’s pretty simple stuff and will unlock the AT&T iPhone 4S running iOS 5.0 or 5.1 with no jailbreak necessary. Unlike Verizon and Sprint, AT&T does not offer its longstanding customers SIM unlock codes so the new GIP SIM tool will be a boon to those who want to travel and use a cheap prepaid SIM card in their country of destination, according to this post.

A video below our story from the GPP team shows how the GPP SIM insert works but in a similar way to Gevey and RebelSIM solutions, users simply need to place the SIM with insert into the SIM tray provided and this all then goes into your handset. It’s as easy as that although if you use the GPP SIM tool you’ll still need to authenticate through Apple. You can use any active or inactive AT&T, KDDI or Softbank SIM card for that and this article tells how you should be able to get those from eBay.

The GPP SIM tool is not exactly cheap at $84.99 though some will feel it’s worth the money. You can head to the manufacturers site here to order, which lists the tool as in stock now. Will you be using the GPP SIM tool to unlock your AT&T iPhone 4S? Do you think the cost is just a bit too much?

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