HTC Speak vs Apple Siri, competition unfolds

It seems that the latest craze in the mobile space is the virtual assistant; ever since Apple delivered Siri on the iPhone 4S others have been wanting to get a virtual assistant onto their own devices, as we have previously see there are Android apps that deliver the Siri-like experience available out there, but it appear HTC doesn’t want to be left out in the cold when it comes to virtual assistants.

Thus according to an article over on goodandevo.net, those digging inside the HTC Endeavor RUU looking at HTC Sense 4.0 have discovered a little application that is called HTC Speak.

Because there are no ports available to any Android devices just yet, the guys when digging through the image files speculate that this HTC Speak app is intended for voice control due to “listening” and “microphone” images being discovered.

However, Google Voice Search is also in the ROM, so HTC Speak isn’t just a skin for Google Voice as there really isn’t any reason for having 2 voice search applications, thus it is believed that HTC Speak is actually an HTC virtual assistant like Siri.

So the big question is if HTC Speak is indeed a virtual assistant will HTC Speak come up to the mark and be a contender against Siri? Of course one does also have to consider if HTC Speak is indeed a Siri-like voice assistant, will Apple bring their legal guns into play looking for yet another lawsuit against HTC and Android?

More on HTC Sense 4.0 and of course HTC Speak will be passed along to our readership as soon as anything becomes available.

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