Sexy Portal for Android will never go to market

If you’re a fan of Portal, the single-player first-person puzzle game then you might have wondered if it would ever come to the Android platform. We have news today of a sexy concept build of Portal for Android but be warned this is not an official build from VALVe, developers of the original game. Nonetheless it may have you interested even though it will never go to market.

The game was originally released in 2007 for Windows, Xbox 360 and PS3 and received wide acclaim for its originality, prompting a sequel in 2011. The new proof-of-concept build for Android is so far merely a teaser of what might follow and so far there’s not a lot to actually play but for Portal fans it does look nicely promising with very decent graphics. The Unity engine was used for its development and this Portal clone not only looks pretty good but controls well. You can see a video below this story showing the first level.

This latest news came to us from Android Police and like them we won’t link you to the apk file as it’s from a rather dubious source. However we can tell you that a link to the original forum source where the video came from can be found here. Remember though, if you want to take the risk this is NOT an official build, nor anything like it, so you’re taking the life of your device into your own hands! You might be advised instead to be patient and wait for a further build.

Remember you won’t be seeing this Android homebrew alpha of Portal on the Android Market but as noted by Android Police, the fact that it’s software from Russia means that if the game is developed further, VALVe will be hard-pressed to stop it. Of course this might be irrelevant if VALVe already has its mind on Portal for Android but that’s another question altogether.

Take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts on Portal for Android. Is this something you’d like to see developed further?

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