Fun Stunt Car Racer for iPhone users

As well as bringing you all the latest developments on phones we also like to bring you news on accessories and entertaining products and this item is definitely in the latter category. It’s a fun stunt car racer for iPhone users and we can see this particular device being a very pleasant diversion from things like…ahem, work.

The remote control car is controlled by your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad where your device becomes the steering wheel. It’s tough so should withstand the normal batterings of remote controlled vehicles and has a great control range of up to 20 meters using radio frequency for communication between the car and a transmitter. You’ll need to download the controller app from the App Store, then simply plug the transmitter in via the audio jack and you’re ready to annoy the neighbors by zooming it up and down your drive or whizzing it around the office.

Three different frequency bands can be selected with the controller App so theoretically you and your workmates friends could race the stunt cars against each other using your iOS devices. The size of the car is 11cm x 7cm x 2.7cm and it uses a 3.7V 1000mAh battery. Charging time for the transmitter is 60 minutes and for the race car also 60 minutes. Playing time is then 60 minutes for the transmitter and 15 minutes for the stunt car. The free controller YJ-Helicopters app is available at this App Store link.

It comes in two color options, green or orange. The price of the iPhone Controlled Stunt Car Racer is $49.95 and it’s available now from iHelicopters.net here. We’ve also embedded a video below this story to show how easy it is to work the stunt car and what it can do. Take a look but be warned this iPhone accessory is tempting and you may just have to purchase it once you see it. Are you tempted to treat yourself or somebody else?

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