Nvidia modem within new ZTE Mimosa X phone

Here at Phones Review we are always interested in new smartphones coming on to the market, and the new device from Nvidia is no exception. What makes the ZTE Mimosa X impressive is its processing power, allowing it to compete with the players in the high-end on the mobile game.

This power comes from a mixture of Tegra 2 processor and an Icera modem. As Laptop mag reported the Icera brand was secured by Nvidia back in May to enable them to better challenge Qualcomm and Texas Instruments.

Other features of the Mimosa X come in the form of a dual-core CPU, GeForce GPU with the 450 HSPA+ Icera modem. Nvidia also states that IceClear interference cancellation technology will be available, although 4G LTE networks will remain illusive due to the 21 Mbps modem rate. Android Ice Cream Sandwich will of course through the Mimosa X be supported by a gHD 4.3-inch screen.

As the Mobile World Congress approaches in Barcelona we are sure that we will glean more information about this new smartphone from Nvidia. The only other info that we have at the moment is that a release date could be set for Q2. Tell us if you will be searching for more news on the Nvidia Mimosa X come the 2012 MWC?

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