Galaxy Note the iPhone killer’s killer: video

Having been in the phone reporting business for a while now, I have on occasion come across some enthusiastic video reviews on particular handsets, but I have to say the review video we have for your viewing pleasure below has to be from the most enthusiastic guy I have ever seen as he bigs up the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The Samsung Galaxy Note iPhone killer? Video review comes our way courtesy of YouTube user ELPRESADOR and delivers just over six minutes of what the guy thinks of the Samsung Galaxy Note on AT&T.

This guy is absolutely ecstatic with his Samsung Galaxy Note, he loves it, he adores it and says that the Galaxy Note is an iPhone killer’s killer, and that the iPhone was good back in 2007 but has since then stagnated.

He guy does stipulate though he is not against Apple and that Apple make good computers by their iPhone line is stagnant, but the Galaxy Note along with a handful of other Android devices obliterate the iPhone 4S.

He says you can’t call him racist against Apple because he has the iPhone, which was relegated useless by the HTC EVO and in turn was relegated by the Samsung Infuse, and now the Samsung Galaxy Note is the big daddy.

Have to say I did crack a smile at this guy’s zealousness over the smartphone/ mini tablet hybrid, and I have never seen anyone so excited and passionate over a device.

Anyway I’ll let you head on down and hit that play button to check out this Samsung Galaxy Note review to see what you think, I think the Android faithful will love it whilst it will get the iOS faithful’s dander up…enjoy.


One thought on “Galaxy Note the iPhone killer’s killer: video”

  1. Duc Nguyen says:

    I have the AT&T gnote. Man! Its lightning fast. I have an 4s iphone and it doesn’t do everything the note does. I have a better view with the note. For 2 year I finnaly stick the note instead. Iphones r the only 1st internet phone I ever had. It’s better to stick with the note cause it’s more manly 2 me.  I love fast phone especial LTE fast. Brother u r right with ur worlds. The iphone is 4 my wife now.

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