Clear app, the iPhone to-do for messy life

If you life is overly complex then you need not read on, but if you like a solid brilliant app for the to do list life then this “Clear” app by Realmac Software will blow you away. In a nutshell ‘Clear app’, the iPhone to do for messy life is what we call it.

Keep it simple, and together and above all else keep things clear, and this is what the application will do for you. It is very rewarding and a breeze to use to be frank, as said above if you have a majorly complex life we do not think the Clear app would be for you, but give it a go anyway as see how you get on.

This simple to-do list app features a personal to-do list, shopping list, list of movies to watch, or books to read, quick notes list for phone numbers etc, it also comes with a cool guest list for that party and bucket list for big life goals.

Sorry for the saying, but things are clear with ‘Clear’, there are no buttons to mess around with just simple gestures; pull a list down with your finger, pinch items apart that allows users to insert a new list, swipe to the left to delete, swipe to the right to complete items, if you wish to close a list just pinch vertically, and so much more.

The name of the app says it all really, clear means simple and flexible. How obsessed are you with keeping life simple? The real response to “Good Morning” is “Prove It”, the same goes with an app, so we would like for you to let us know how good or bad the Clear app is.

Please visit the App Store (iTunes) and download the Clear app for iPhone, please do send in your reviews in the commenting area below if you are already using this application.


One thought on “Clear app, the iPhone to-do for messy life”

  1. gordon says:

    the app is awesome! definitely the easiest one that i’ve used to get ideas out and in a list. i just wish they had some sort of web service so i could pull it up on my computer.

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