Galaxy Nexus i515 Pogo desktop dock back order: Update

There is a new accessory showing up online called the ‘Samsung Galaxy Nexus i515 Pogo Pin Desktop Dock’, the only downside to this is that it shows up as out of stock, the good news is that it is on back order.

When you visit Samsung’s accessories page you will see the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus i515 Pogo Pin Desktop Dock for $89.99, but you cannot buy it at the moment because it comes up with a message saying it is currently out of stock and will be placed on back order. Customers will NOT be charged for the back order, you can fill out a little online form so that you can be notified via email regarding the status of availability.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus i515 dock allows handset users to charge their handset via the pogo pin receivers located on the side of the handset, this is a very good dock because it does not put any stress on your Galaxy Nexus when you plug it in to charge, it fits well in the home or office.

When the smartphone is docked users can watch videos or play music, it has a built-in 3.5mm stereo audio port, you can even run apps in landscape mode.

There is not much else we can say about this Samsung Galaxy Nexus accessory, other than visit the source above and fill out the back order form.

UPDATE: This accessory is now in stock, please buy here


2 thoughts on “Galaxy Nexus i515 Pogo desktop dock back order: Update”

  1. Jossue Munoz says:

    I was able to order one today with free overnight shipping. I used an old visa giftcard I had lying around, so the final price was around $40, which is not that bad.

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