PS Vita 3G Vodafone UK exclusive deal

Vodafone UK are exclusively selling the PS Vita 3G gaming device with an attractive price, this is where you can get connected with 3G on the new PlayStation Vita.

The Sony PlayStation Vita on Vodafone is now available with 3G-connectivity for £279, and for this price you will also get a PAYG SIM card, free 4GB memory card, as well as a free downloadable game such as WipEout 2048 and 250 MB of data lasting up to 30 days with full Vodafone 3G connectivity when you top up with £5.

A free game for only £5 then it is, the new PS Vita comes with the new pre-installed NEAR application, which provides many social gaming services that are not available on any other portable gaming console. These include the likes of real social gaming and location based services, this allows users to comment and even recommend games, and to top it off gamers can track their friends’ locations through the inbuilt GPS, which is exclusive to 3G models only.

How about access to the PlayStation Network thanks to Vodafone 3G, where you can instant message other players, compare trophies and have access to the PlayStation Network Store, it also has Facebook, Twitter and Flickr apps.

Main PS Vita features include: 3G mobile data connectivity, Built-in GPS and Wi-Fi location service support, Built-in stereo speakers and microphone, Rear touch pad, 5-inch OLED multi-touch capacitive screen, Dual analogue control sticks, Front and rear cameras, and so much more.

You can also use the Vodafone Buyback option whereby you can trade in old handsets or gaming devices, by doing this you can get the Vita cheaper than the asking price. For more information on this deal please visit the Vodafone online shop.

Please do let us know if you have bought the PS Vita or if you are considering it?


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  1. 250 mb? that sucks serously. they needed to make it unlocked to ALL networks on offer an unlimted data service, data restrictions annoy me. especially as it is rumored that play with ps3 compatbilty will soon arrive.

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