Sports tracker via Fitness ProAktivo for WP7

If you are one of the sporty types and use a Windows Phone device and would like to track, analyse and share your workouts there is an all-in-one mobile centric solution for doing so on Windows Phone devices, a fitness app called ProAktivo, an app that can improve your fitness and deliver a better understanding of your workouts and performance.

The ProAktivo app for Windows Phone devices allows the user to track such info as duration, speed, distance, pace, elevation, and calorie consumption, along with other essential data of your fitness workout.

With the ProAktivo app the user can show their current position and route on a map, receive distance or time based on audio feedback on your workout performance, track accurate time splits, track your best achievements and records on a workout level or monthly basis and check an overall summary of your workouts.

The ProAktivo app for Windows Phone also features the ability to analyse workout trends by days or months, share workout achievements via Twitter, Facebook and email, and export individual workouts in various formats such as GPX, GPZ, CSV, KPL and KPZ for use on social fitness sites.

For those that would like to take advantage of the ProAktivo app for Windows Phone 7.5 devices or above there is a free to try version available with the full version commanding a price of $3.99 from the Windows Phone Marketplace.

We also have an introduction video of the ProAktivo app for your viewing pleasure below, so don’t forget to head on down and mash that play button before grabbing the app…enjoy.

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