Choices at iPhone 5 release for keyboard lovers

The iPhone 5 will almost certainly be the redesign iPhone fans wanted in the 4S, which never happened, although we don’t expect such crazy ideas as seen in some concept videos.

iPhone Rumors has taken a quick look at keyboard options for those that like to get physical when owning an iPhone, and we wanted to expand on a few other external keyboard options, considering the design change for iPhone 5 is very unlikely to be anything radical in the keyboard department. So this one is for iPhone owners that love an external keyboard for one reason or another.

The keyboard on the iPhone 4S is smooth but yet still cumbersome when typing, you know when a letter is tapped rather than the one you intended to press, we have asked many times in our social networks about how users would like to type on the iPhone, and this is why we believe the iPhone 5 should give us something different.

There have been many concept ideas in the past, and one that sticks out the most is the projected laser keyboard, this concept is shown below in the image and a video (Video below article). Technology is getting clever, faster and more of what we call “Out of the box thinking”, but there is a chance with the high tech of today that this could become reality, of course it will only ever become real if manufacturers can produce such products at a low cost.

At the moment iPhone users have to settle with the built in keyboards provided or by an accessory such as cases with keyboards, but this is old hat now and something different will excite. An iPhone 5 with a pico projector built in that can change into a keyboard, ok we have within the iPhone 4S speak to text, the Siri voice assistant etc but is this enough?

But speak recognition for texting is no where near as brilliant as it can be in the future, we here at Phones Review have tested the speak to text, and to be honest 7 times out of 10 it writes something completely different to what you say. Unless you have perfect English speech this is not yet mastered, 2012 to 2013 needs to show more in the way of keyboard technology.

There is another video provided below of the Boxwave sliding keyboard case, we have given a hands on review of the “iPhone 4 TypeTop Swivel Mini Bluetooth Keyboard”, but yet again, this will not be good enough for the iPhone 5, new smartphones needs and we emphasize “NEEDS” better keyboard tech for the next Apple iPhone installment.

The question we would love to ask just like iPhone Rumors asked is “Do you miss physical buttons when using your iPhone?”

We here at Phones Review have owned every iPhone since 2007 when it begun, and the keyboard has not brought anything exciting to the table, when at home or in the office you could opt for the AZiO KB334B Wireless Multicontrol full size keyboard (See image below), personally it looks great but is it what is needed for the iPhone 5.

There is the Kiano 4 iPhone keyboard case, but how good would this be if they stepped away from the case idea and integrated it into the iPhone 5 somehow? (Image below)

Do you want an iPhone 5 that has been redesigned to look totally different to the iPhone 4S? Customers want something new, something that Android phones do not have, what ideas do you have when it comes to the iPhone 5?

There are so many questions, do you want the normal what we have now on-screen keyboard or would you like to get physical? This is the time Apple needs to bring something innovative in the way we type.

Don’t forget to watch the videos provided below.


4 thoughts on “Choices at iPhone 5 release for keyboard lovers”

  1. I would love to send a picture to a person and to write a message on the photo with a stylus pen
    Also to sent a Utube video to my friends via messaging.  They can send to me but I can;t send one to them…

  2. Drdave says:

    For me Shapewriter worked considerably better than the standard keyboard – until Apple killed it. The wannabies since then are not as useful. The details make the difference. I use Quicknote some, but not being able to double tap the space bar at the end of a sentence, or easily inserting a capital letter get in the way of it working well.

  3. Lu lu says:

    I so would want the iPhone 5 to have a sliding keyboard.  I mean think about it, if it has a sliding keyboard if your screen breaks (hopefully not) you will have a backup way to type.  And for those who still are not comfortable with touchscreens for typing, but still like the advantages and features of the iPhone will love this phone.  So I hope this becomes reality! 

  4. d beard says:

    Lack of real keyboard has kept me away from iphones. Personally I like my bb torch until it comes to lack of support for apps. Sad I’m a mac user but can’t bring myself to buy an apple phone. Not gonna spend money to buy a case when I can just get a phone with features I want.

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