4G LTE network for T-Mobile in 2013

As most are aware over in the good old US of A T-Mobile has been referring to their HSPA+ network as a 4G network up until now, so they can compete with the likes of Verizon and AT&T who have been rolling out their 4G LTE networks; however we say until now because the word is T-Mobile is to kick off their own 4G LTE network roll out next year.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo by way of Intermobile, T-Mobile users will still have to plod along on HSPA+ until such times as the 4G LTE network is up and running, sometime in 2013.

Apparently T-Mobile made the announcement during their earning’s call that word has it delivers some fairly dismal figures, with word that the carrier apparently lose close to 800,000 subscribers, and thus T-mobile announced…

“T-Mobile USA is reinvigorating its challenger strategy, which includes a major network modernization plan to launch LTE in 2013.”

However apparently T-Mobile USA didn’t stipulate any timeframe for the LTE rollout so it could begin early next year or late in the year, but either way at least T-Mobile customers now know LTE is coming, and this move makes T-Mobile USA the last of the four major carriers in the states to launch a 4G LTE network.

Perhaps T-Mobile has now decided to roll out their own 4G LTE network due to the AT&T merger biting the dirt and AT&T having to hand over spectrum as compensation.

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