Developers insight to secret game app aka Vegemite

Startup company Kwalee with its team of developers are keen to publicise their work in relation to mobile device apps, particularly with an emphasis on the video game industry. The latest news today, is that the company have been given the go ahead to blog and tweet about their newest game production, presently codenamed ‘Vegemite.’

For those keen to learn additional information on what gaming company Kwalee stand for, achievements and a tiny glimpse into their current work, the company’s blog has been updated with as kwalee.com reported, ‘Tales from the code mines,’ game statistics along with the Vegemite development. Embedded below is a video for your viewing pleasure.

Alongside the Kwalee blog, a Twitter page has been set up @VegemiteDevlog which will update interested parties with developments of current work surrounding the Kwalee’s debut application as well as up-to-date product updates.

Keen to talk about Kwalee’s new app, CEO David Darling tweeted, “Twitter is a great, modern way to interact with the world. With millions of people signed up to Twitter, many of which are from the gaming world, we are eager to keep everyone in the know about Kwalee and our projects.”

Further to this, developer and Lead Programmer Mark Oxehnam commented, “As gamers, we love talking about games, especially the ones we are working on. All too often we are silenced by internal policies or NDAs, but the blog and Vegemite Twitter page encourage us to reveal a steady stream of features and secrets.”

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