Proprietary Sony OS Phone based on PS Vita: Supposedly

We’ve heard of many smartphones over the past week or so that are due to be unveiled at MWC next week and now two new possibilities have come to our attention. It seems that Sony may be working on a proprietary based mobile operating system or could be revealing a Windows Phone handset in Barcelona and we can’t wait to find out more on this.

Although much of the talk about MWC surrounds the many Android phones that are forthcoming and despite the fact that Sony has been a major Android player so far, a new report mentions two scenarios that are pretty intriguing. Firstly it has been speculated that Sony could be developing a proprietary based mobile operating system using PS Vita firmware as a base, which sounds pretty fascinating. You can find out more about this possibility here, which tells how a Sony Vita OS could be used in smartphones and tablets.

Secondly the story about a Windows Phone Sony handset began with a leaked image of what was purported to be a Sony Ericsson Windows Phone-based device. However now the Sony name stands alone after Sony bought out Ericsson’s share it appears that Sony may be willing to divert into new arenas. When the company was still Sony Ericsson it pledged that future phones would all use the Android platform but on the split it’s now an open playing field once more. It could well be that Sony is now willing to try out developing devices using other operating systems and is experimenting with a Windows Phone handset.

Either way it seems that something will be revealed next week at Mobile World Congress and if you’re anything like us you can’t wait to see what it is. We’ll be following events at MWC and will pass on any news we hear so check back with us for more. What are your thoughts about a Sony OS? Do you think it’s likely that Sony may be revealing a Windows Phone smartphone?

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