AT&T U-verse Fiber Optic Voice Technology

AT&T has launched a new telephony service called U-verse Voice that utilizes AT&Ts IP platform to extend customers’ communication options to TV and computer use, meaning customers will now have the ability to place calls via U-verse TV, broadband and wirelessly.

AT&T – Bigger and Better

Although AT&T is not the first provider to step into this technology, they are well positioned to deliver a package that can help customers reduce the clutter of having multiple devices that all provide different functionality. Strictly from a device management standpoint, AT&T’s U-verse Voice is a significant improvement over the other VoIP brands.

Features of U-verse voice include: Online Management Portal, U-verse Messaging, Locate Me, Traditional Calling Features, Click to Call, Address Book, and Call History.

Online Management Portal

Through an online management portal, AT&T U-verse customers can manage their personal settings, contact list, and more, efficiently and easily from any PC. This means you no longer need to wait through telephone prompts to access the right code to dial in and make changes. How many times have you been listening, inadvertently quit listening because you were distracted, and then had to start all over? With the Online Management Portal, you can navigate directly to the information you need without wasting time.

U-verse Messaging

AT&T U-verse Messaging bundles wireless and U-verse voice-mail so customers can access voice messages wherever they are. Through the Online Management Portal, messages can be listened to, forwarded, and managed, in a manner similar to email. If you already use an online service, you know what a hassle it can be to keep up with messages scattered across several providers. U-verse Messaging eliminates the hassle and keeps your service simple.

Locate Me

With Locate Me, U-verse customers don’t have to keep up with their devices; instead Locate Me keeps up with the customers. Rather than forwarding calls to a number each time you are away, you can program up to four wireless/landline numbers on your Locate Me list in addition to your U-verse Voice number and calls will ring to all of those numbers at the same time.

Traditional Calling Features

Miss your old phone? Good, old-fashioned phone features like Call Screening, Call Blocking and Do Not Disturb are all available with the U-verse Voice plan.

Call History

With Call History, U-verse Voice customers are able to see caller history and keep up with missed calls.

Click to Call

The Click to Call feature makes it easy for U-verse Voice customers to locate and call people. With just a click of the mouse or remote, call people by browsing your call history or contact list. Even if that person is not a contact, customers can navigate and call anyone on the history list.

Address Book

The U-verse Voice Address Book is a contact management system that is easy to load and easy to sort. Remember phone trees? In the old days, when news or emergency information had to be spread quickly, people had a list of contacts they would call, who then had a list of contacts, and so on. Now, U-verse Voice makes sending blast voice messages a cinch from your contact list.

By combining the functionality of its many communication and entertainment technologies, AT&T U-verse has truly unified its technology with U-verse Voice. Can you see your communication being easier to manage with U-verse?

Author Byline: Sean is a perpetual student always intrigued by emerging technologies and inventions. When he’s not checking out the latest documentary you can find him contributing to ATTSavings.com or @SeanTR.

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