The App that pays you to shop

What if you could earn cash just for venturing into your favourite high street store? It sounds almost too good to be true, but thanks to a new app from Quidco — the UK’s number one cashback site — you can do just that.

Recognising the constantly evolving nature of the modern shopping experience, and eager to make good use of all the clever gadgets sitting in the pockets and handbags of consumers, Quidco’s free app allows its members to take advantage of all manner of financial incentives offered by its retailers.

Using geo-location technology the ‘check-in’ facility is a real hook for potential new Quidco members. Offering users cash incentives just for entering participating retailers and restaurants it’s a particularly innovative feature, especially as there is no pressure to actually make a purchase.

Of course, while the prospect of earning 20 pence for visiting Halfords may not be enough in itself to get you downloading this free app, the fact that it combines a novel moneymaking opportunity with a whole host of other features certainly should do.

With its 1.8 million registered members set to save £50 million on their shopping in 2012, Quidco have certainly positioned themselves as a market leader in the money-saving arena. In addition to the ‘check-in for cash’ facility, the Quidco app provides the user with a veritable treasure trove of money saving deals in their locale.

Register a credit or debit card with Quidco and you can use the app to find the closest stores offering in-store cashback. Use your card in those stores and see a set percentage paid straight into your Quidco account.

The popular voucher code market is also catered for, with the app able to locate valid offers in nearby stores and restaurants. All the user has to do to redeem their discount is display the bar code on their smart phone screen when making a purchase.

All in all if you’re a smart customer who is always looking for a bargain when you’re out and about, the Quidco app is a great weapon to have in your shopping armoury.


3 thoughts on “The App that pays you to shop”

  1. Gemma says:

    The app would be great if it actually worked. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t recognise that you’re stood in the middle of the shop so you can’t check in.

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