Reviewed ZTE Chorus from Cricket Wireless for music lovers

If you are one of the Cricket Wireless faithful over in the good old US of A and want a phone that is kind of music orientated and don’t really require all the features a full on smartphone offers, then you might consider the ZTE Chorus with its music service Muve Music whereby the user can locate and download an unlimited quantity of tracks and albums from thousands of artists.

To let you know what the ZTE Chorus offers a user the guys over at Cnet have done quite an in-depth review of the Android handset, so we thought we’d bring you a condense version, but if you wish to read the full review you can do so by hitting up the Cnet website.

The guys say that the ZTE isn’t quite a smartphone although it does sport Android Gingerbread UI, and a “very unresponsive” touch screen, with the handset you can’t access the Android Market to download apps, check on your email or look at a map, and as such basically the only thing you can do is browse the web on Cricket’s 3G network.

However if you don’t really use those features and basically just want access to music then the ZTE Chorus might be worth your consideration.

So here are a few specs the ZTE Chorus offers, a 3.2-inch WQVGA resistive touch screen, so if you are used to a capacitive screen this can be somewhat frustrating, 600MHz processor, 2 megapixel camera, Bluetooth, 4GB microSD card pre-installed and a 1000mAh battery.

According to the guys the good points with the Chorus is that Muve Music on the device offers great sound quality via both speaker and headphones along with decent calls, the bad points are the Muve Music UI is somewhat cumbersome, the handset is a tad bulky and of course that frustrating resistive touch screen.

So if you aren’t really interested in the full on smartphone experience and simply wish to download unlimited songs, then the budget priced ZTE Chorus might be the mobile phone for you, otherwise if you do want that full on experience you might like to give this one a miss.

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