Best ever iPhone & iPad office with AudiOffice

If you have ever wanted to turn your iPhone or Apple iPad into a desktop phone for your business it appears that you can now do so with a new iPhone and iPad speaker that can transform your iDevice into that desktop phone that enables more user-friendly video and conference calls and the new iOS accessory is called the AudiOffice dock.

According to the guys over at Mashable, the makers of the AudioOffice for iOS devices, invoxia announced the AudiOffice dock during Mobile World Congress 2012, and is essentially an iPhone, iPod, and Apple iPad dock with speakers and lets users video chat with others, make calls and play music.

The AudiOffice dock allows user to use such apps as Skype and FaceTime without the necessity of having to go through a computer, and you’ll need to download the invoxia free app and then the accessory connects to your contacts and then allows you to make calls either via the apps or direct from your iPhone whilst it is docked.

Apparently though even if you don’t own an iPhone or iPad you can still connect a mobile phone to the device via Bluetooth, and apparently the AudiOffice delivers strong audio quality due to the accessory’s 4 wide bandwidth speakers and 2 digital microphones.

For those that might be interested in the AudiOffice for iOS devices the accessory isn’t available just yet but you can pre-order the device which commands a price tag of $299, and just so you can see what the AudiOffice is all about we have a quick promo video for your viewing pleasure below…enjoy.

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