Possibility of iOS 5.1 releasing March 2012

It has been a couple of days now since the news broke of Apple’s iPad 3 event taking place next week. Now thoughts are turning to what the new device will feature and there is the possibility that iOS 5.1 will also be releasing during March 2012.

Last October Apple launched the iPhone 4S that brought with it the new iOS 5 operating system, and according to a report on Planet Insane the success of the device was helped by the software enhancements brought with it. But the software hasn’t been without its problems and has led to some issues regarding battery life on the iPhone 4S.

Apple released a patch last year that did improve things for some owners, but others began getting problems that were not present previously. It is thought the iOS 5.1 launch will finally solve the battery life problems, and there are claims Apple will release the software on March 9th, which has been suggested by iPhone carriers in Europe and Japan.

This is just two days after the big iPad 3 reveal, and history tells us that Apple often releases new software when launching a new iOS product. The iPad 3 is thought to feature 4G LTE connectivity, which puts more demand on a devices battery. So if iOS 5.1 helps with battery life it would let the iPad 3 take advantage of 4G while using less energy to do so.

It is not known if the company will continue with enhancing iOS 5 ahead of the release of the next iPhone, or if iOS 6 will be available in the summer. Back in 2007 Apple launched iOS 1, and if Apple uses iOS 5.2 in the iPhone 5 the trend of releasing the latest mobile software at the WWDC will have been broken. But Apple broke from tradition last year with the release of the iPhone 4S during the fall.

Users of the current iPhone will be pleased if the new software can iron out some of the problems with the handsets battery life. Do you still have issues with battery life on your iPhone 4S?


6 thoughts on “Possibility of iOS 5.1 releasing March 2012”

  1. Lifestyle_tw says:

    Sim-Failures since 5.0.1
    Battery-life is as bad as on my old jailbroken and unlocked 3G with ipad baseband!!! :-O
    Last iPhone!

  2. GM says:

    Apple hasn’t released a GM of 5.1 to developers yet.  It is more likely that they will announce a release date for 5.1 at the event next week, release the GM to developers that day and then have a general public release a week to ten days later.

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