No Sense 4 for T-Mobile HTC One X aka G4X

As the Barcelona event ‘Mobile World Congress’ draws to a close, there have been many devices announced and shown off in the flesh. Many will not be released for a good few months yet, but one smartphone that keeps cropping up in the news is that of HTC’s new One X quad-core GSM device.

Packing as we say a quad-core processor, the news today is based around the smartphone coming to US carrier T-Mobile with a name change. Also being carried on rival network AT&T as a 4G LTE device and Sprint under the name of the HTC EVO LTE, the T-Mobile version also known as the G4X will include Tegra 3, as well as benefiting from the network’s 42Mbps HSPA+ network.

According to gottabemobile.com, the G4X is reported to be a ‘near stock’ Android device, hence the device may lack HTC’s Sense 4.0 UI. At the present time, the news is pure rumour and should only be taken at this, as tmonews.com stated, the LG Optimus 4X was supposed to include a name change to the G4X.

Check out our other post from yesterday in which we told you that the new HTC One X could in fact be pre-ordered in the UK with a release sometime in April. Deals could be had from T-Mobile and Vodafone to name but a few. In terms of its specs, the One X which itself has been called the Edge and Endeavor, packs a 4.7-inch display, 1.5GHz dual-core processor, 32GB memory, 8MP rear camera with a 1.3MP to the front, NFC and so on.

You tempted by the new HTC? Would it be news to your ears when it comes to T-Mobile USA? Any updates to this we will of course let you know.


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    1. “image sense” is hardware, its HTCs image sensor. If the HTC One X uses HTCs sense or “pure Google” on the rumored G4X, it will have the same beautiful pictures with its image sense back lite f2.0 image sensor.

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