Samsung camera sensor granting Kinect-like gesture recognition

South Korean company Samsung are not just at the top of their game in relation to releasing some pretty impressive devices, but it seems they have now come up with the world’s first CMOS sensor that could change the way technology is used in future mobile devices.

So what do we know about the new CMOS sensor and when if we know, will it be implemented onto devices? During the month of February it was reported courtesy of techno.nikkeibp.co that Samsung had already developed the new sensor with a range image (ZGB pixels) and normal RGB image.

In the past Samsung’s work to develop technology to bring pixels together with the range images mentioned above onto one image sensor, were in fact scuppered down to ‘near infrared filter’ in which a range and RGB image could not be established. But now the two can be bought together at the same time using one single image sensor, allowing light and depth information to be noted.

Reasons to Samsung developing and bringing out a new CMOS camera sensor, could be that range image sensors are now hot news, with popularity being seen with Kinect’s gesture based controller. By having the new technology in place, gesture controlled controllers could in fact be made smaller, with other devices such as camcorders benefiting too.

What are your thoughts on Samsung developing a new camera sensor?

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