9to5Mac lists best 10 iPad trade-in sites

I am sure most are aware, the word is Apple will deliver the next generation iOS slate, the Apple iPad 3 next Wednesday the 7th of March, or at least that is what is expected to happen. And if that does happen then more than likely a great deal of the iOS faithful will be looking to trade in their iPad 2 so they can get the iPad 3.

Well it appears that the guys over at 9to5 Mac have recognised this and thus have come up with a list of ten Apple iPad trade in sites where you can trade in your old iPad for money or credit so you can purchase the new Apple iPad 3 once it surfaces.

So we thought we’d pass a few on that iOS slate trade in list onto our readers, so here we go…apparently Amazon offers the best cash price for the iPad and iPad 2 albeit not ready cash but rather a Amazon gift card they can put towards the Apple iPad 3 and quotes range from $290 for the 16GB and WiFi original iPad to $500 for a 64GB and WiFi and Verizon 3G in black iPad 2.

Then there’s Ebay where you can trade in your Apple iPad 1 16GB with WiFi for $192 whilst your can trade in your Apple iPad 2 64GB with WiFi and AT&T 3G for $410.

Or how about opting to trade in with Best Buy who will give you $191 for a good condition iPad 1 16GB with WiFi yet for some strange reason if you opt to trade in your iPad 2 64GB with WiFi and Verizon 3G you’ll only get $179…weird.

RadioShack is also doing the trade in thing but trade ins are apparently subject to processing fees, but if you wish to trade in the 16GB WiFi iPad 1 you’ll get $205 whilst trading in a 64GB WiFi with AT&T 3G iPad 2 you will garner $410.

If you wish to use the Apple Recycling Program you receive an Apple gift card through the mail redeemable at Apple Online or any Apple retail store and get $160 for an Apple iPad 1 16GB with WiFi or for a 64GB WiFi with AT&T 3G in white iPad 2 you get $270.

So there you go a few on that Apple iPad trade in list, obviously there are more so if you wish to check them all out you can head on over to the 9to5Mac website to see which trade in option might be best for you.

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