TSF Shell Pro & Widgets for Android

After taking delivery of your new Android device, the initial excitement of scrolling through its features can wear thin. This is when you need to start looking for a change, and TSF may well have the answer in the form of its Shell Pro, which was given a sneak peak back in December last year.

As a brand new OS interface, the TSF Shell enables you to customize various animated widgets with its super smooth, polished features. These additions include a lasso tool giving you the ability to grab multi selected items, grouping with folder boxes, into which you can drop your chosen items and extras like multi-touch rotation for icon arrangements.

According to Droid Life, priced at $16.80 it may seem steep for some users. But after sometime spent playing with it you can certainly see where your money has gone. There was call for concern that the Verizon Galaxy Nexus was showing as not compatible, although loading on a GSM Nexus there has said to be not such issue.

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