Rooted Gingerbread Android devices gains Beats Audio

If you own a Android smartphone running Android Gingerbread and are one that doesn’t mind tinkering with your device and have rooted your smartphone, if you fancy playing along with Beats Audio it appears you can now do so as there is a ROM available that allows any Gingerbread device to use Beats Audio.

According to the guys over at Life Hacker the guys over at XDA-developers have come up with the Android ROM for rooted Gingerbread devices because Beats Audio on HTC handsets doesn’t have anything to do with hardware, as it is simply an advanced audio equaliser.

Apparently all one needs to do is download the zip file and flash it like you would any other ROM with ROM Manager and ClockworkMod or other recovery. The image below shows the difference before and after the mod on the Samsung Galaxy SL with the first picture using default audio whilst the second has Beats Audio installed.

However here is a slight problem if you fancy giving the Beats Audio ROM for Android Gingerbread devices a whirl on your own rooted handset, and that problem is the XDA-developer guys have for some reason removed all the threads containing the required files as apparently they were requested to do so, by whom or for why they haven’t said but hopefully the ROM will become available sometime in the not too distant future.


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