Autonome charges your smartphone anywhere

Smartphone’s are like an extension of our arms nowadays, leaving home without your mobile feels worse than walking out the door without your house keys. That slim device controls our whole lives, we keep in contact with our friends via text, surf the net and update our social networking sites. The only thing that hampers our perfect mobile existence is the limitations of battery power.

I’m sure that like me your phone charging takes priority over most things that happen within our day. If we plan to go out one of the first things we try to make sure of is that our handset is topped up to maximum before the door shuts behind us.

Now most of the time we roll like this until that day when the reminding bleeps of your phone signal that power has diminished to recharge levels. Now we start to panic, we haven’t got our charger with us, and getting to it is an impossibility. Some of us may have the back up of a spare battery pack or even, like Phone Dog’s Taylor Martin, carry a device saving Powerbag Deluxe. But this isn’t always the case and the thought of a phone shutdown can conjure up all sorts of desperate situations.

Fear not though, as Francois Rybarczyk could have the answer with the Autonome concept. Basically the idea is a phone that carries its own charging capabilities, with the design allowing flip-out prongs from the device, enabling it to be plugged straight into a power outlet.

Great you might say, now I have no need to carry any external charger to revive my phone. But what if I want to use my device while it’s plugged into the wall socket? Again this situation has been addressed with the ability to slide out the pronged section on the handset and charge it via the power outlet while using your internal battery power to operate your device. Once the removed portion is charged then it simply slots back into the phone allowing it to top-up the internal battery.

I’m sure you will agree it’s a clever idea and one that will impress a lot of users, but there are bound to be some disadvantages. Tell us if you think the concept will catch on or do you have your charging regime down?

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