Temple Run achievement while Android waits on

Temple Run is a game that has really hit more success than anybody could ever have imagined and we now have news on just how successful the iPhone app has been. However we have to say that this could be rubbing salt in the wounds of the many gamers who are still waiting to see Temple Run arrive on the Android platform.

We’ve already reported on the delays of getting Temple Run to Android users and it has been evident from the numerous comments we’ve received that a lot of people are getting not only tired of waiting but also pretty annoyed about the postponements in its arrival. You can certainly understand that irritation, especially given just how popular this game has been already for iOS devices. Temple Run is a free game and has now had 40 million downloads from the App Store since it launched last August.
That’s no mean feat and to put it into perspective we’ll point out that Temple Run on its own has now become as addictive as the entirety of Zynga mobile games, which include favorites such as FarmVille and Words With Friends and are available as iOS or Android apps.

That’s an enormous achievement for a single game and Imangi Studios, the game’s developers, say that 13 million people now play Temple Run at least once a day, as reported here. When you imagine how many more would be playing if it had already been released on Android as well, it makes the figures almost unbelievable. Although the app is free, profits for the games makers come from players purchasing extras within the game and the addictive nature of Temple Run is bound to ensure that plenty of people are spending money on those game extras. Apple compiles a chart of its top grossing games in the App Store and at the moment Temple Run occupies 14th position on that chart.

Although Imangi Studios has not revealed how much money it has earned so far from Temple Run it certainly looks as though it has struck gold although it’s worth remembering that the developers did not hit instant success. It took until the eighth game for Imangi to strike the right formula and although it was originally released as a paid app and saw some success at the beginning, once it changed to a free app those numbers continued to rise until it became the phenomenon it is today.

We’re still closely following the developments of Temple Run for Android and will certainly let readers know as soon as we hear when it will finally become available, after what has seemed like a tortuous wait for many. However it seems that some people have already tired of waiting and we can only hope that the developers won’t regret the fact they couldn’t get Temple Run for Android out sooner.

Are you still waiting for Android Temple Run? Will you wait for as long as it takes or maybe you’ve already started playing other new games and are not as bothered any more? We’re interested in what you have to say so let us have your comments.


24 thoughts on “Temple Run achievement while Android waits on”

  1. Jerseylover25 says:

    This is just annoying. You guys say the same thing everytime and its getting old. I have one of the biggest android phones (samsung infuse) and have yet to see temple run, which I dont understand.But I dont care anymore because ill be switching to iphone very soon because of this unecessary wait.

  2. Rlbarker says:

    Sad people complaining about the wait for a FREE game to come out in what will most likely be a few weeks. Why spend loads of money to switch device? It’s stupid and pointless. And why would people stop being bothered about it. It’s a free game so there is no point in not downloading it.

    1. Zed says:

      That’s not a real countdown app, imangi studios released a fb post saying not to trust any apps claiming to be temple run or countdown apps as they may infect your phone with malware.

      1. Cnaty45 says:


  3. YourLoveIsMyDrug says:

    i keep getting notifications on my android that “Temple Run is here” but, of course; it’s not. If you all don’t hurry up and get it out on the android market, no ones going to care about playing it anymore. 

  4. Debbieturner says:

    Since comments are already coming in mentioning an app that is already out please note as we previously pointed out that Temple Run say on their Facebook page here that they will give at least one week’s notice of the official app and that any others out there are scams.  Just a reminder for the many of you that are waiting and we will of course keep you informed with further developments.  Thanks for reading! 

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