Belkin iPad 3 screen guard confirms name, sort of

We all know the next generation iOS tablet is due to arrive in a couple of day’s time, but will the Apple slate arrive as the iPad 3 as it is currently being referred to or will Apple give it a new moniker? Well it appears that the iPad 3 just might turn out to sport that iPad 3 handle as an iPad accessory maker has made mention of iPad 3 n their website, which kind of confirms the name.

According to the guys over at IT Proportal, Belkin has now posted a page for the Apple iPad 3 screen guard protector on both their Italian and German websites along with a “Cinema Leather Folio With Stand for iPad 3,” but have already pulled the info.

However the guys managed to get an image via Google cache, with the description page showing what appears to be an Apple iPad 2 but does indeed make mention of “iPad 3,” so could indeed confirm that the iPad 3 will be known as the iPad 3 and not something else.

Having said that, as Apple went with the iPad 2 as the follow up to the original Apple iPad one would presume that the next logical move would be iPad 3 as expected, anyway hopefully we’ll all no for sure in a couple of days time when Apple delivers on that iPad 3 unveil.

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