Cracking Refurbished iPhone 4 deal is a steal

If you are wanting to jump aboard the iPhone bandwagon but don’t mind not having the current iPhone 4S and not bothered about waiting for the iPhone 5, perhaps a refurbished iPhone 4 might suit your requirements. We always like to bring good deals to the table, so we thought we should let you know about a fantastic deal on the refurbished iPhone 4.

So according to the guys over at IT Proportal, Carphone Warehouse subsidiary, Mobiles.co.uk is offering refurbished iPhone 4 units at a cracking deal.

According to the guys those that don’t mind owning a refurbished iPhone 4 can grab a 16GB version on Vodafone based on a two-year term for just £22.67 a month on contract for which you get 500 texts, 100 minutes and 250GB of data.

However if you wish you can choose to sign up for an 18-month term with the same allowances and overall you’ll get your iPhone 4 for a totals ownership cost of £498, and apparently the devices are likely to be refurbished by Apple so you’ll get a 1-year warranty.

Of course the iPhone 4 is old hat now considering the iPhone 4S is out and the iPhone 5 is expected later in the year, but the iPhone 4 can still do a customer a good turn and is virtually as good as an iPhone 4S, and thus this deal just might be very attractive to some.

So there you have it, a fairly good deal for a refurbished iPhone 4, will any of our readers be opting to purchase one of these or will you simply await the arrival of the next iOS smartphone?

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