Maximum iPad 3 changes to entice buying

We are only a couple of days away now from the next version of the iPad being unveiled in San Francisco. In recent months we have heard a number of rumors of what specs the iPad 3 will feature, but for some consumers there will have to be a number of changes to the device to entice them into buying the iPad 3.

It is widely believed the next iPad will feature a Retina Display with double the pixel density of the iPad 2, which has even led to some rumors the device may be called the iPad HD. Other new features are rumored to include 4G LTE connectivity, and the form factor of the device is believed to be pretty similar to the current model.

As with any new product announcement from Apple, it leads to consumers looking to get shot of their current device such as the iPad 2. Last time round Apple released a device that didn’t see that many changes besides a thinner form factor and a faster processor. There was the neat new Smart Cover and the addition of a camera though, which was mainly for FaceTime use.

This year though if the rumors are true we may see a bigger change especially with the display. This will tempt a whole new market to the iPad especially those who like their games on the go. Again it is expected the new iPad will have an improved processor, with rumors of both a dual-core and a quad-core being suggested.

But with a new all improved model being released we may see the current iPad see some nice price cuts, which could put the device in reach to those who previously couldn’t afford one. This will also be good for Apple as its reign in the tablet PC market is coming under an increasing threat from cheaper alternatives such as the Amazon Kindle Fire.

As more consumers buy into the Apple infrastructure the company will benefit from increased sales from apps and potentially hardware. This is where some consumers will be left with an interesting dilemma on whether to wait for the iPad 3 or purchase a discounted iPad 2. If the display on the new iPad is going to be that much better, consumers who like to read eBooks, browse the Internet, and play games will really benefit. That’s not to say these types of pastimes can’t be enjoyed on the iPad 2.

Are you considering buying an iPad 2 or are you waiting for the iPad 3?

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