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If you are into social networking but wish to spread your social networking a little further there is of course Moko, Moko is a social network that can be accessed via both your computer and via a mobile device that enables the user to chat with old and new friends with unlimited chat whilst also creating and sharing videos and images with the worldwide community.

Apparently people are finding new friends on Moko online every day and when you sign up for a Moko account you’ll get your own little piece of Moko to post your videos and photos to called MyMoko, which includes such places as My Gallery, My Favourites, and My Comments, whilst My Profile is where you can let the world know you pet loves and hates, whilst My Friends is where you keep all your friends.

So basically Moko online offers the user the same kind of social networking stuff you’ll find on any other social networking site, but will add another social networking string to your bow.

And like most other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and G+, you can get Moko on your mobile phone with Moko Mobile so you can catch up with your Moko friends, check messages, and view videos and photos whilst on the go.

Both Moko online and Moko Mobile are free to sign up and are available to those 15 and over in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and the Philippines, and if you own an iPhone there is an app available called MOKO.MOBI Uploader you can download from iTunes for free.


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