GDC 2012: Bunny Maze 3D in-time for Sony Xperia S

If you’re a keen gamer then we have good news today as developer Eyelead has announced worldwide availability of Bunny Maze 3D at GDC 2012. Optimized for Sony Xperia smartphones and other Androids powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processors, Bunny Maze 3D has arrived in time for the Sony Xperia S and also Xperia Ion.

Eyelead are bringing out some of the best 3D gaming experiences and the worldwide availability of Bunny Maze 3D will make a lot of gamers happy. Very loosely the game involves helping the Bunny retrieve its stolen carrots from the bad Bunnies (the Clunnies) as you journey through a fantasy world. There are obstacles along the way and hidden artifacts that help you boost your bunny experience. You can see a video demo below this story. The game has been enhanced from the previous Bunny Maze 3D so that it has global appeal and can be used for smartphone users using touch interface and augmented for Xperia PLAY controls.

The game has been created on the Hive3D Development Platform, a cloud-ready, collaborative authoring environment incorporating expert knowledge from the Sony Mobile Communications Developer World Program. Chief Software Architect for Eyelead, Nikos Vassiliou said, “By joining this program, we optimized game performance for multiple smartphones from Sony within just a few days. Furthermore, the Xperiaâ„¢ PLAY controls provided a new level of gameplay immersion with a real physical button experience and better precision control compared to touch based devices,” as reported here.

Magnus Ekenheim for Sony Mobile Communications noted how quickly Bunny Maze 3D was able to be optimized for Xperia phones, including the new Xperia S, in collaboration with Eyelead Software. Meanwhile Qualcomm vice president of product management Raj Talluri also spoke about the company’s collaboration with Eyelead saying, “we are thrilled to bring these new experiences to life on Snapdragon powered devices.”

For more about Eyelead Software’s Hive3D Development Platform head here. If you want to check out Bunny Maze 3D for Android head here for the download link and the best news is that it’s a free app! Tell us what you think of Bunny Maze 3D on your Xperia smartphone by sending us your comments.

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