Nexus tablet from Google made by Asus

No doubt we have all heard the speculation that the Google guys are looking to deliver a 7-inch tablet with the pure Google experience to the mobile space at some point in the future, and the other day we posted an article which possible gave us the name of that 7-inch Android slate, the Google Play albeit it could be wide of the mark, but what about who will produce the Nexus tablet?

Well word has hit the net by way of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of Android and Me; it appears that Asus are tipped to be the makers of the Nexus tablet and that the slate will ship packing stock Android Ice Cream Sandwich along with a Tegra 3 quad core processor.

Furthermore it is speculated that this Nexus tablet, possibly called the Google Play, will sports an attractive price tag of 199-bucks presumably to make a challenge to the Amazon Kindle Fire, as apparently the guy’s sources say Google sees Amazon as a threat.

As for the sources of this info, well apparently they originate from MWC 2012 where they enlightened Android and Me, but naturally wish to remain anonymous as usual, so basically all this remains in the realms of rumour for now at least.

Whether the 7-inch Android tablet surfaces as the Google Play or perhaps the Google Nexus Play or some other moniker and whether Asus will indeed be the maker also remains to be seen, but if the Google guys do push out a Nexus tablet will you be considering picking one up?

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