XTR3D at GDC 2012: 3D Motion Capture Developers Kit

During GDC this week, word is Israel based 3D motion firm, XTR3D is to meet with developers and show off their 3D Motion Capture and Gestures Control developers kit and developers will no only be able to try out XTR3D but also walk away with a preview version of the Android and Windows developers kit so they can test their apps and games.

According to the guys over at SFGate, XTR3D is software based interface that liases betwixt XTR3D enabled apps and games and camera equipped electronic devices to enrich apps and games with motion for a natural, robust next-gen gesture control experience.

XTR3D software has the ability to render 3D skeleton motion capture that uses a high-resolution 3D body movement analysis in real time and as such augmenting Windows and Android powered camera enabled PCs, Smart TVs and consumer electronics into touch free gesture controlled devices.

Apparently the 3D Motion Capture and Gesture Control developers’ kit along with XTR3D support delivers devs with a software based preview version of the XTR3D tool kit so they can make gesture control functionality in their apps and games and as XTR3D is a software interface no other equipment is needed.

For those that might be interested in XTR3D we have a demonstration video showing off XTR3D in action for your viewing consideration below so head n down and mash that play button to check it out…enjoy.

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