Super WeatherBug app for Android & iPhone

Applications found on our smartphones can often provide vital information to help users plan their life around. Today we have news of the super WeatherBug app for both the Android and iPhone platforms, which will keep you informed whatever you may be planning.

No matter where you may be located in the world extreme weather can hit at anytime, so being prepared for such events can be really important. The free WeatherBug application provides users with real-time customized information, which also includes fast weather alerts via the biggest global weather network available.

The app also has the added benefits of exclusive neighborhood weather stations that helps get the best personalized weather information available. Some of the features of the app include automatic updates based on current location, weather alerts and warnings, current conditions anywhere in the US, easy to read weather reports, and live cams provide coverage from the WeatherBug Network.

For users of the iOS version of the app, the update brings a new user interface and crashing bugs have also been fixed, as well as added data for both UV and pollen. The Android version has also been updated that has brought general bug and stability improvements, along with enhanced location and background data preferences.

Owners of the Apple iPad are advised to download the WeatherBug Elite application that has been designed specifically for the device, but is priced at $0.99. The WeatherBug application has got some good reviews from users on the iOS platform, but has mixed reviews from Android users that were made before this latest update though.

Head over to the App Store or Android Market to download WeatherBug. Do you use the WeatherBug app and what do you think of it? Which platform do you use it on?

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