Add gluten-free dishes to Dish Freely app

If you are one of those that like to eat gluten free food or drink gluten free beverages and are on the iOS platform there is an application available that can help gluten free eaters identify and share gluten free dishes at restaurants, and that iOS app is called Dish Freely.

The Dish Freely app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad enables gluten free eaters to joins the Dish Freely community so they can add gluten free dishes they find to the community’s menu, and rate the food in order to help others locate the most trusted and best gluten free dishes.

The Dish Freely iOS app features the ability to search dishes at gluten free restaurants near your location, narrow searches based on price and distance, review and add images of gluten free dishes, and see what other dishes other gluten free eaters are eating.

Dish Freely also offers the ability to browse updated gluten free menus as more join the community, and check in and share your gluten free finds on Foursquare, and look up phones numbers, directions and other restaurant information.

The object of the Dish Freely app is to build up a database of gluten free restaurants in order to help gluten free eaters eat well and safely, and when you find a gluten free dish you can check the gluten free menus to see if it is there and if not add that dish.

For those that would like to take advantage of what the Dish Freely app offers, you can download the app to your iPhone, iPod Touch or Apple iPad as a free download by hitting up iTunes.

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