Google Play lays Android Market to rest

I’m am fairly sure by now most of the Android faithful would have realised that Google Play isn’t a new Android device as previously speculated, but rather a new term for the Android Market, because as of yesterday the Android Market has been laid to rest and will henceforth be known as Google Play.

Generally though it’s basically just a name change really, as anyone who accesses Google Play will no that you can still get everything you could when it was called the Android Market such as applications, movies, books and such.

The Google guys tout Google Play as your one stop shop for all your entertainment requirements including in excess of 450,000 applications, thousands of movies and millions of songs and books, and you can sample those books and movies.

Basically Google Play puts all your entertainment in a single place and is accessible via the web and Android devices anywhere, so purchase a book and read it on your Android smartphone and also read it on the web at play.google.com, it works I’ve tried it.

If you buy a new album on your Android tablet you can also listen to that album on your desktop, whilst if you rest a movie online you can now also watch it on your phone anywhere, and you now have the ability to share those apps, books and movies to your Google+ circles, via text or email.

With Google Play all your books are stored on the cloud and thus your entire library is always with you and accessible from any device along with offline reading, and you can start reading on your tablet, continue reading on your computer and finish off on your smartphone, as you pick up the story where you left off no matter what device you use.

So there you have it, the Android Market is now Google Play and we have a quick introduction to Google Play video for your viewing pleasure below, although if you access Google Play I am sure you will find it just as easy as before…enjoy.


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