Apple Event 2012 reveals numbers & Siri Japanese

The Apple Event has already kicked off, and Tim Cook has reveled some numbers as well as some news about Siri in Japanese.

CEO Tim Cook has already mentioned on stage a few details about PC products, he goes on to say that the iPad is the poster child of the post-PC world, that Apple according to the CEO has sold more iPads that any other PC manufacturer selling computers, HP sold 15.1 million PCs total in that same quarter.

We all know that when an Apple event kicks off numbers always get’s mentioned, Steve Job’s did it and now Tim Cook is doing the same. All these numbers are impressive to say the least, the iPad, iPod and iPhone sales are up 76% of Apple’s revenue, more than 315 million iOS devices in the wild, Apple has sold a staggering 62 million iOS devices last quarter, he also mentions that 362 Apple Stores saw more than 110 million visitors last year, was he there with a number clicker then?

The Siri voice assistant we all know well on the iPhone will soon be supporting Japanese; this will be part of the iOS 5.1 apparently.

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Source – Engadget

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