iOS 5.1 jailbreak warning, refrain from downloading

With the big Apple iPad 3 announcement event taking place right this moment we’re turning our attention to iOS 5.1. It seems very probable that Apple’s latest operating system will be with us shortly and if you’re one of the many who likes to jailbreak their device then this is a warning to refrain from downloading iOS 5.1.

If you’re an iPhone 4S owner this warning is particularly relevant and iDownloadBlog sourced from the Dev Team has given some great advice for different devices and iOS 5.1. First off when the new OS reaches Apple servers and arrives on iTunes, Apple will cease to sign iOS 5.1 SHSH blobs. iPhone 4S jailbreaker owners should refrain from downloading the firmware update because once the 5.0.1 signing window closes you will not be able to go back to iOS 5.0.1 (saving SHSH blobs will make no difference in this case).

Moving on to the iPad 2, owners with 4.x hashes can downgrade to 4.x but as with the iPhone 4S you won’t be able to obtain 5.0.1 when the signing window is closed. Again, even if you saved 5.0.1 SHSH blobs that is irrelevant to this). For devices previous to the iPad 2 downgrade to any version but ensure that you have saved SHSH blobs for the version involved. To bypass the downgrade restriction the guidelines are to use geohot’s limera1n exploit using tools such as redsn0w to access ‘pwned DFU mode.’

Ultimately if you want to safeguard your iOS device jailbreak save SHSH blobs and keep away from iOS 5.1 as you may lose your jailbreak. In fact we’re following the iPad 3 event right now and have just heard that iOS 5.1 is indeed starting to roll out from today so don’t be tempted! Are you an amateur or veteran jailbreaker and if so will you be protecting your jailbreak? Maybe you have further advice you’d like to share with our readers?


27 thoughts on “iOS 5.1 jailbreak warning, refrain from downloading”

  1. T-jay23 says:

    If I am happy to lose the jailbreak..just want 5.1…is it as easy as just updating or do I need to remove the jailbreak somehow first?

    1. Axeavius says:

      You can just download and update from your phone.  Just in case, make sure you backup and sync beforehand.  That’s how it’s been for me every time I upgrade my JB.  Infact, we you update to a newer JB OS version, you do a clean install of the new OS, then patch it with some sort of JB software (like redsn0w).

  2. Dsafety says:

    Newbie here. I just jailbroke my iPhone 4 last week and don’t understand what a SHSH blob is or how to back it up. Is there a tutorial somewhere that will help me be protected?

  3. Duke J says:

    Got screwed.  Installed PDAnet on my iPhone 4 running 5.0 and it put me in a bootloop,  had to DFU.  Apple updated my firmware on restore…I am patient boy I wait I wait I wait.

  4. Knoppers says:

    so once my Cydia is installed and up and running, what happens if you reboot? will it boot up fine and Cydia won’t load, or will it not boot up at all? please respond. thanks!

  5. CasCoatle says:

    Made the mistake of downloading 5.1 first and then reading this. Lost my JB as a result and I am fuming at the moment!! Any ideas when I can JB my Ipad again?

  6. Dovi99 says:

    If it stucks on the apple logo when you restart the phone you going to need a JB software like redsn0w and go to extras and select just boot and follow the instructions and you should be up and going and it going to start by itself. If you have the thetered JB for 5.1 your going to need to boot everytime you restart your device. There you go

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