Official “NEW iPad” pre-order for March 16th

At last, the news that many have been hoping to hear, an announcement of the new iPad tablet, named the ‘New iPad’ and nothing more. Straight from the San Francisco event, details have been filtering through about the new tablet’s specs and that’s not all. Apple fans will be pleased to learn that a new Apple TV will be available to buy from now for a price of $99.

Back to the new iPad or as many of you are likely to call it the iPad 3! The tablet is now available to pre-order with a massive rollout on March 16th so not long to wait. The US and UK will be two of a group of countries to enjoy it first with another 25 countries enjoying it a week later. In colour options black or white, the 3G model price will set you back $499 for a 16GB, $599 for a 32GB or at the higher end of the scale $699 for a bigger 64GB.

With a 4G + WiFi version also now available, prices will be slightly higher with a 16GB retailing for $629, 32GB at $729 or 64GB at $829.

Details from the event in terms of the new iPad’s specs include a 9.7-inch high resolution Retina Display with 2038×1536 pixels, A5X processor with quad-core graphics, iSight camera with a 5MP with better sensors, backside illumination, auto-exposure and autofocus, new ‘microphone’ button addition on keyboard, new versions of iMovies and Garage Band, voice dictation and of course the inclusion of 4G LTE with some five carriers on board including Verizon and AT&T.

In the words of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook he said the new iPad is amazing adding, “We’re taking it to a new level and it makes amazing improvements over the most fundamental features of the device, while retaining everything that millions have grown to love about it.” To head straight to Apple’s store click here.

Check out some of our other New iPad articles following on from Apple’s special event. Tell us whether you are impressed by the tablet’s specs or is there an air of disappointment? Also let us know if you will be pre-ordering your tablet for a release of March 16th?

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