Singapore: Nokia Lumia 800 update (12070) triples battery life

Late last year Nokia begun its comeback with its big push into the Windows Phone 7 platform, which the company is pinning its hopes on to grab back smartphone market share it has lost to the likes of Apple and Samsung. It launched the Lumia 800 that was well received by owners and reviewers alike, but battery life on the handset has been an issue. Now though we can tell you that a Nokia Lumia 800 update (12070) has begun rolling out in Singapore, and is thought to triple the battery life.

Owners of the Lumia 800 have been plagued with charging issues with the handset with some not being able to fire up the handset once the battery life has been run down, but luckily Nokia has been pretty quick pushing out two updates already, and according to SlashGear a third one has begun rolling out in Singapore.

This latest update is going under the 12070 version number, and it is being claimed the update almost tripled the handsets battery life, which will go down very well with owners. The software has been worked on so the handset only draws 70mA of battery power when the device is in idle mode.

There have also been a number of other enhancements with the update that includes improved screen brightness controls, and better white balance in the camera app. There were issues reported previously regarding the bass on the audio, which have reportedly now been addressed, and users on xda-developers have discovered references to a number of new camera features that include a panorama mode.

Currently the update is only available to users in Singapore, and unfortunately there has been no information from Nokia when the update will reach handsets in other regions, but usually the company posts major updates on its Nokia Conversations blog.

Have you been disappointed with the battery life on the Nokia Lumia 800?


4 thoughts on “Singapore: Nokia Lumia 800 update (12070) triples battery life”

  1. Forrestgump19 says:

    I have the 12070 update and the battery is worse! It was mediocre before, now it’s terrible! Not even a day now! Argh this is the only major problem with this otherwise excellent phone.

  2. Johnwd14 says:

    Phone has completely died and Carphone Warehouse have sent to Nokia for repair shirking their responsibilities. Wish I hadn’t gone for the Lumia now but a more established smart phone.

  3. Forced the update on my Lumia 2 days ago and can quite happily report that 48 hours later I have seen an improvement with the battery life. It’s nowhere near 3 times better at all, but yesterday I got an easy extra 5 hours out of my Lumia and that was with quite heavy use.

    From what I’ve read of other users experiences with all the previous battery enhancing updates, the battery improvements tend to build up over time. So the initial update tends to kill the battery for a day, then a good few full charge slowly increases the battery life over time.

    I’m hopeful that this may be the case for my device as I had been plagued by battery issues (and soft-key back-light issues) and this update seems to have fixed pretty much all my problems 🙂

  4. Paulamay401 says:

    My phone dies completely after only 3 months usage, returned it to 3 mobile for repairs, they sent a new one as it was unfixable. The whole process took 3 days, hence excellent service, although lost all of my info as no memory card and hadn’t been able to copy data as phone was completely dead before I returned it.

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